By   May 13, 2016

Why Is My Dog Frightened by Thunderstorms?

This is an issue that a lot of dog owners ask: why is my dog frightened by thunderstorms, and how am i able to help? From massive breeds like Alsatians to tiny Dachshunds, most dogs are frightened of loud noises like the devil, lawn mowers, gunshots, fireworks, and sirens. While North American nation as humans perceive the cause of these events and are not frightened by them (although hearing a gunfire in your neighborhood would be quite scary), dogs don’t have identical level of understanding as North American nation. There are a few reasons why thunderstorms can lead to a frightened dog:

Your dogs’ ears might be quite sensitive. This happens a lot in purebred dogs, but it’s true that dogs have higher hearing than humans. This is why they’ll hear ultra-high sounds but this can be additionally why they’re terrified of such loud noises; to them it’s lots louder than it’s to North American nation.

The sounds bring up bad reminiscences. If loud noises make your dog frightened then it might be experience a foul trauma. For dogs, good and productive reminiscences simply wipe out the unhealthy, but if one thing terribly traumatic happened to the dog then this might lead to a phobic disorder. There ar tales of dogs that are afraid of thunderstorms WHO fair-haired them till a tree poor a window and showered them with glass. Because of this fright, the dog forever associates the environmental noises of thunder with being hurt and you have a scared dog on your hands.

The static before a storm upsets your dogs’ fur. The static charge before an electrical storm are often felt by humans also as animals; it’s why the hair on the rear of your arms raises even once the clouds ar still on the horizon. A dog frightened by a thunderstorm would possibly not be frightened in any respect, it might simply be terribly uncomfortable.
Regardless of which of those things is that the reasons that your dog is frightened, there are some strategies that will create your dog less frightened throughout storm season. There are 2 conflicting arguments regarding however to flip a dog frightened into a placid dog throughout a electric storm. One argument states that if you cuddle and pet your dog more usually throughout the storm then your dog can suppose that the noise is one thing to be frightened by. Even if your dog calms down after 10 minutes of caressing it would still be afraid. Other individuals say that feat a frightened dog to argue itself can cause the bigger terror, not the other manner around. Knowing the kind of dog that you simply have and their history will offer you the sting here. Some dogs are naturally afraid by several things like gunshots, fireworks, and sirens, others are attention seekers, and others still have had traumatic pasts. Please use your own judgement when reading the follows ways in which to facilitate a dog terrified of environmental noises:

Make a safe place for your dog that features a plight bottle, a soft blanket, and a chew toy. Even with the noise raging the dog will feel safer here.

Allow the dog to cuddle up to you and your family however do not be too lax with the principles. If your dog isn’t allowed on the couch then do not let it sit on it throughout a storm.

For a dog afraid of thunder, after each thunder clap, give it atiny low treat. This positive reinforcement will facilitate your dog to relax and perhaps even fancy the noise.

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