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Dog Names, How to Choose a Good Dog Name?

dog-namesWhen you search online, there are a lot of dog names you can usually choose from. However, picking a unique and suitable name for your fur baby can be a bit challenging. For any fur parents, they want to ensure that they can pick a name that is suitable for their pets. The name is also something that fits the characteristics of a pet. Since it is something that your pet will respond to the rest of its life, it is best to pick something that matters to you. It should also be something that is fun to listen to.
If you have a puppy and you start to think of popular dog names found all over the internet, it is best for you to consider about some of the things that will help you come up with the right name. The following are some of the important things to consider when picking a unique dog name:

Pick Something that Matches His or Her Characteristic

When picking out the name of your fur baby, you need to observe its characteristics first. Just only because a particular breed is known its aggressiveness does not mean that you will also pick a name that is synonymous to its characteristic. For you to get the best name that fits perfectly on your pet, give both of you some time to get along together until you have discovered out the most interesting characteristic that it has. Say, if he tends to play with things at first, steal it from you, and then hide it in his bed. Why not call him “Bandit”?

Choose a Name Depending on the Size and Gender of Your Dog

Even though there are a lot of people who love naming their dogs exactly the opposite of their characteristics, it should not always be the case. This idea may sound fun, but for those who want the traditional way of naming their dogs may choose a name that depend on its size and its gender.

Stick with a One-Syllable Name

Make it easy for your pup to remember its name by sticking to a one-syllable name. Two-syllable names are also good. However, it may find it difficult to hear its name. Keep in mind that you should not pick a name that may only leave your dog confused with another command. For example, you choose “Pete”. Your dog may confuse it with the command “sit” or “eat”.

Choose a Name of Your Favorite Artist, Food, Item, or even Color

Isn’t it interesting for you to pick a name that reminds you of something you like or love? Why not name it to your pet? Just make sure that you still consider the d things mentioned like the gender and the length of name.

After Choosing from a List of Dog Names

Once you have chosen a name for your fur baby, see to it that you will use it at all times. Whenever you train, play, or just rub its belly, always use the name you choose when you talk to it. This will make it easier for your fur baby to recognize its name.


Top male dog names:

Bailey, Max, Charlie, Buddy, Rocky, Jake, Jack, Toby, Cody, Buster

Top famele dog names:

Bella, Lucy, Molly, Daisy, Maggie, Sophie, Sadie, Chloe, Bailey, Lola

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