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Essentials for Walking Your Dog

Essential Dog Walking Gear

Any dog owner knows that dog walking is an important part of keeping your four-legged friend happy and healthy. In the rain of summer or snowfall of winter your friend just won’t get on well without regular trips into the outdoors to smell the roses, socialize with other canine and get plenty of good exercise. There is little doubt that these regular trips outside will become a welcome part of your life as well.

While your dog has a coat of hair that acts as a natural protection from the heat the cold and the elements, you will need to be sure you have a good selection of clothes that will keep you well-protected and comfortable on these frequent outings.

The clothes you choose to wear will greatly impact the experience or the both of you and it will be a good idea to keep as comfortable as possible and always make sure these outings are as fun for you as they are for your pal. Following is an essential guide to choosing the most comfortable clothing for walking your dog.

How to Choose a Dog Walking Coat

The right outdoor gear is essential making the most of your trip outdoors. This will be essential for those chilly mornings and evenings when the dog will still want to go out for a stroll even if the weather suits you not.

It’s a simple fact that human skin lacks the warmth and insulation that most dogs have in theirs. Which is why the weather has to be truly foul before a dog decides it too bad to go out. But we can certainly gain the same weatherproofing and insulation in our choice of clothes. A padded down jacket is a good way to start this option can cost you in a nice thermal capsule even if the snow is falling.

Look for those that are constructed with weather resistant fabrics that can keep you warm and dry as well as anything you might be carrying with you. This will be very welcome if you get caught in a surprise shower half way into your walk. Ripstop material has received much acclaim for its capacity to keep the weather out.

Womens Pakka Waterproof Jacket

The protection from the cold and elements during winter will be very different from the clothing you would choose in a the summer. A simple waterproof shell is all that is needed in the summer. Our very own Pakka Waterproof jackets ia and example of convenient water resistance you can carry along with you. With its very own packing case this is an easy item to carry along if the weather looks like it could go bad.

The Pakka Waterproof Jacket is made of IsoDry fabric that keeps water out and wicks away internal moisture keeping the wearer dry and comfortable. The Pakka Waterproof jacket also has the reflective piping and specially taped seams that will keep you safe while out on those pre-dawn excursions.

Best Fleeces for Dog Walking

We all hate the decision but what if it’s not quite warm enough to leave the home with no jacket, but still to warm to put it on before you leave. This is where a light fleece makes an excellent option for keeping you warm but not weighing you down. There are also a good variety of windproof fleeces that allow to stay warm in a stiff wind.

Best Trousers for Dog Walking

You may tempted to step out in your comfy jeans but it would be better to choose a good set of waterproof trousers for stepping out of your home with your dog. Many dogs love splashing about in muddy puddles and this can make for muddy disaster when you get home. Waterproof overtrousers can keep you clean and dry while the weather turns bad and clothes can become soiled. Look for the types with half zip legs that make pulling them over jeans and boots and easy task.

Dog Walking Wellies and Boots

If you are fortunate to live outside of the cities, you never know when your dog walking trip could head off the beaten path and into all kinds of adventures. In the city you’ll never know when a puddle of slick toxic city water can lay right in your path. Look for some ankle support and good traction in your wellies and waterproof boots. Wellingtons aren’t always the best support for feet, so perhaps consider some shoe supports like these offered from Orthotic Shop.

Best Accessories for Dog Walking

If you have an especially large dog or really go all out on your dog walks you may not like the idea of keeping doggie snacks treat an other paraphernalia with you in your pockets. This is where a mini backpack can make toting all your doggie walk essentials with you. The Mini Trek 6 Litre Rucksack is a good option here.

Small but tough this decently sized bag will keep all your necessities safe and dry behind a sturdy Ripstop material. It also has an elastic case for carrying a small helmet and an MP3 player in case you like a few tunes on your trip.

A set of water proof gloves has come in pretty handy as well. You never know how the weather can change or your path lead you to a situation where water proof gloves ae just the thing you need. Look for a comfortable variety that can keep you warm and dry if the weather turns cloudy and wet.

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