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A Guide To The Top Ten Dogs For Hunting

hunting dogs

Humans have used dogs for over 15,000 years now and in that time we’ve bred numerous canines for different aspects of the hunt. Here are some of the best in my opinion.

The Labrador Retriever

As benefit is in the name – “retriever”. The majority of retriever breeds are highly effective hunting dogs with the labrador being considered the “ultimate” dog for hunting. With its large amount of energy and heavy coat made for long days outside in the woods or on large ranches, the labrador presents with characteristics for hunting.

Furthermore, labrador retrievers have a willingness to retrieve their owner’s kill making them the most useful for duck hunting or when hunting small game. You just need to be sure that the dog is not too hungry that they will eat the bird.

The American Foxhound

The American foxhound is a dog bred with a single purpose in mind – to hunt foxes – and they are highly suited to the task. Of course, they can be used to hunt other types of prey including deer during deer season. This is due to their adaptability and ability to use their running skills to chase the prey set before them. In fact, an American foxhound will chase any animal they are told to chase.

The Beagle

Known as the traditional and potentially the most iconic of all hunting dogs, the beagle is similar to the American foxhound is style. This type of dog is a persistent animal with a great deal of energy and enjoyment of the chase. Unfortunately, the short legs place it in a handicap when hunting larger game; however, if you are hunting animals such as rabbits then the beagle is the ideal dog.

The Pointer

While the pointer’s thin coat removes it slightly from being an effective hunting dog for big game hunting, particularly in Northern areas. However, in the Southern states where the climate remains warm, the pointer is the ideal hunting companion for chasing birds in expansive areas.

The Bloodhound

The bloodhound name makes this hunting dog sound like ruthless hunters and the bloodhound lives up to this expectation. The dog’s strong nose and unparalleled tracking skills make this canine one of the most beneficial dogs when hunting almost all game, large or small. Between a blood hound and the technology seen in these best trail cameras reviews you can be certain you can hunt deer more easily.

The Golden Retriever

While the golden retriever is often considered the best ‘family dog’, this type of retriever is similar to their labrador cousin being great small game hunters. Ideal as a household pet breed for families with children, the golden retriever can also double as a beneficial hunting companion for the adults in the family unit.

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Similar to its retriever relatives, the Chesapeake Bay retriever was bred for duck hunting on the shores of Chesapeake Bay. It is a lively, intelligent, water-loving animal with a high level of endurance making it perfect for all-day hunting excursions.

The Weimaraner

A unique dog with an elegant appearance, the weimaraner presents with long legs that make them look awkward but also stylish. The long legs may appear awkward, but they are ideal for chasing birds during bird hunting sessions.

The Coonhound

If you have a raccoon problem then there is no better resolution than the coonhound. A coonhound presents with a sharp sense of smell making hunting raccoons simple. If you are searching for a hunting dog for all conditions, then this dog will be the best option.

The Irish Setter

If pointers are the ideal hunting dog for quail in the Southern areas, then the Irish setter is perfect for hunting turkey during the fall.

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